>Me & My Shadows - Copy of Cliff Richard & the Shadows<


There is pressure on right from the start, when Me & My Shadows presents a festive and tremendous show with hits from one of the greatest names in rock'n'roll music.

In an entertaining show looks Me & My Shadows back to the golden years when Cliff & The Shadows dominated the European charts. "Move It", "Please Do not tease," "Do You Want to Dance," "The Young Ones". Danseorkestre plays hit on the hit, so it is impossible to keep the legs at rest.

The show is conducted and complete with "Cliff" as a figurehead, a backing band with just the right Shadow Sound, original instruments, the right costumes and an authentic stage show. Right from the first tone creates Me & My Shadows a festive and tremendous atmosphere that extends far beyond the stage edge.

If anyone needed reminding, that Cliff & The Shadows was England's first rock'n'roll group, is not in doubt, when you have heard Me & My Shadows play. Here is energy, power and guitar for all the money.

Me & My Shadows is Denmark's best and most authentic "Cliff & The Shadows" group, and recreates in an almost non-stop show, not just music, but also the mood and atmosphere of a bygone age. It is vibrant, festive and nostalgic - and it is LIVE!

The show
When Me & My Shadows starts the musical time machine, there is a pet for every detail to make the experience authentic and implemented.

In the early 60s created The Shadows, both as a backing band for Cliff Richard and with their instrumental hits, a completely new and catchy sound. The easily recognizable sound of guitars and their elegant appearance, with matching guitars and Vox amplifiers, was an important part of the group's image.
Me & My Shadows recreate both the right sound and the distinctive look of the original guitars, drums and amplifiers.

From the start of his career aroused Cliff Richard often furore by acting in colorful suits. When he first started singing "Move it" in the TV show "Oh boy, he was wearing pink jacket, black shirt and pants, and pink tie, belt and socks - which viewers, however, had little joy of with their black and white televisions.

Stage show - The Shadows Walk
The Shadows was the first rock'n'roll group who had directed a stage show. Together with Cliff they developed some steps and movements as they performed synchronously to emphasize certain passages of music. Cliff thought it was their show more visual and professionally.

The repertoire

In the period 1958-1968 reached Cliff & The Shadows no less than 32 hits. A record yet to be surpassed by any other English group.

But Me & My Shadows have also found some less well-known numbers in the archive. The numbers were played in the very popular weekly radio shows on Radio Luxembourg from 1959 to 1962.

The program was called "Me and My Shadows", which was also the title of Cliff's third album in October 1960.